400G OSFP SR4 50m

Product characteristics

Info-eternal's 400G OSFP SR4 pluggable optical transceiver, support 400G Ethernet and InfiniBand data rates.With 100G PAM4 and VCSEL technology, it can interconnect up to 425Gbps of data within 50m.

Detailed introduction

Product Features

Hot-pluggable OSFP 400G SR4 multimode transceiver 

Compliant with OSFP RHS

Compliant with CMIS Rev 4.0 or above revision

4-channels of 100G-PAM4 electrical and optical modulation

Single MPO-12 APC receptacles 

Up to 30m reach on OM3 and 50m reach on OM4

Operates as a 200Gb/s NDR200 transceiver with 2-fiber splitter ends 

Maximum power consumption 8.5W with 4 channels and 6.5W with 2 channels

Single 3.3V power supply

Case operating temperature 0°C to 70°C

Class 1 laser 

RoHS complaint

Application Scenario

Data center



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