400G QSFP-DD SR8 100m C-Tem

Product characteristics

Hengxuntong's 400G QSFP-DD SR8 is a hot-pluggable optical transceiver module, designed and applied to the 400G SR8 Ethernet link in the data center, using 50G PAM4 and VCSEL technology. Under the premise that the system is enabled with FEC, 425Gbps data interconnection within 100m can be realized through 8 pairs of multimode optical fibers.

Detailed introduction

Product Features

• 8-channel full-duplex transceiver integrated module with QSFP-DD hot-swappable package

• 8-channel 850nm VCSEL and PIN

• Built-in DSP chip in receiving channel and transmitting channel

• Up to 53.125Gbps per channel (50G PAM4)

• Conform to QSFP-DD MSA and IEEE 802.3cm 400GBASE-SR8 Ethernet transmission protocol

• Compatible with IEEE 802.3cd 200GBASE-SR4/100GBASE-SR2/50GBASE-SR Ethernet transmission protocol

• Use 8 pairs of parallel multimode fiber transmission, with a distance of up to 70m (OM3 MMF) or 100m (OM4 MMF)

• Power consumption is less than 8.5W

• MPO24/PC or MPO16/APC optical port

• Operating temperature range of commercial grade

• Power supply voltage 3.3V

• Comply with RoHS environmental protection standards (lead-free)

Application Scenario

Data center



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