155M 1*9 60km

Product characteristics

Hengxuntong's 1*9 packaged optical interface 100 Gigabit optical module is a high-performance, cost-effective module with a maximum transmission distance of up to 60km, compatible with PECL level data input and output, PECL level signal detection and indication.

Detailed introduction

Product characteristics

●Dual-wavelength multiplexed single-mode single-fiber transceiver integrated module, transmitting and receiving independent work  

●The transmitter device can be selected 1310nm FP/1550nm FP or

●3.3V/5V power supply

●SC/FC/ST or pigtail type optical interface

● Interface level: standard PECL level

●Standard 1*9 pin interface

Application scenarios

ATM\SDH\Ethernet and other optical fiber transmission systems

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