1.25G SFP BIDI 120km C-Temp

Product characteristics

Zkosemi's 1.25G SFP BIDI optical transceiver module is designed for 1.25 Gigabit Ethernet links over up to 120 km of single-mode fiber. They comply with SFP MSA, IEEE 802.3z and RoHS standards.

Detailed introduction

Product Features

● Up to 1.25Gbps data rate

● 1310nm/1550nm/1490nm laser emission

● Comply with SFP MSA and SFF-8472

● Single LC/SC socket

● Digital diagnostic monitoring: internal calibration or external calibration

● RoHS compatible

●+3.3V single power operation

● Working temperature: standard: 0+70C/industrial: - 40+85C

● Compatible with SONET

Application Scenario

Gigabit Ethernet, MAN



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